Amazing Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

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Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage

This warm-toned balayage begins with auburn on top, softens into caramel brown, and concludes with honey blonde.

Honey Blonde Shadow Root

Medium brown at the roots (or your actual hue) and honey blonde and ash blonde to produce a sun-kissed look.

Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage

This balayage style will brighten dark hair. Chocolate brown is a fantastic basis for honey blonde highlights. Chocolate and honey contrast well.

Multidimensional Honey

With that hair, you'll rule the world. This style features a dark blonde base with honey blonde ends for depth. 

Eclipted Honey Blonde

It's the new hair colour trend. Eclipting entails dyeing your hair to frame your face.

Honey Blonde Root Melt

Want a mature hairstyle? Covered. This root melt mixes from chocolate brown to honey blonde. Stylish and chic.

Copper And Honey Blonde Balayage

Copper is a great basis for honey blonde highlights that create complexity. Long, wavy hair enhances this appearance.

Goldilocks Honey Blonde

This hair colour is out of a fantasy. This balayage employs a light platinum base for honey blonde highlights.

Honey Blonde Brownie

Mixing brown and blonde hair hues never goes wrong. Create a lovely multidimensional hairstyle with chocolate brown

Super Bright Honey Blonde

Then try her toned-down appearance. Highlight your honey blonde foundation with platinum blond for a brighter, subdued effect. Darken your roots for contrast.

Honey Drip Blonde

The honey blonde dip-dyed ends make the hazelnut brown foundation seem longer.


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