9 Gorgeous Tattoo Ideas for Women

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watercolor tattos

If you're looking for something a little more bold, watercolour tattoos are a great option.

female sign tattoo

Getting a tattoo with a female gender sign is the best way to show off one's love for all things feminine.

scorpian tattoo

They can represent power and strength while being a beautiful piece of art on the skin.

cute puppy feet tattoo

Small, delicate tattoos are an excellent option if you wish to have one.

semicolon tattoo

Semicolons serve as a constant reminder that no matter how awful things become, life goes on.

scorpian tattoo

Combine this ink design with other shapes like circles or triangles for a striking effect.

heart tattoo

For good reason, the heart is one of the most popular tattoo designs.

3d tattoo

Adding depth to your design is easy with a 3D tattoo, which is striking and intricate.

snake tattoo

As a symbol of power, protection, and even luck, a Japanese snake tattoo can be worn by anyone.

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