Top 10 Bold Bald and Beautiful Hairstyles

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Let's start with this 52-year-old Irish performer. Nolan lost her hair to breast cancer. Her beauty was unaffected.

Ultimate Bald Hairstyle

This American beauty is near-bald. She's famous for keeping her blonde hair short or going bald sometimes.

Almost-Bald Hairstyle

Danai rocked baldness or an almost shaven head. She's a symbol for black ladies who go bald for beauty.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

'Sex and the City' star Cynthia, who had red hair, shaved her head for 'Wit' Her head is well-shaped.

Complete-Bald Hairstyle

Willow Smith has one of the most distinct bald hairstyles that will turn heads. Ash brown hair looks great with gradient pink.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle with Splash

Sinead's distinctive bald hairstyle. In the mid-1980s, she shaved her head, a pioneering move for women.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle by Sinead Oconnor

This ultra short shape-up haircut is a customised bald head hairdo. It's best for curly-haired ladies.

Super Short Shape-Up Hairstyle

Frenchie's almost-bald haircut. She has a virtually shaven head, crimson lips, and special jewellery.

Almost-Bald Hairstyle

Multitalented lady with bald fetish. We agree with Bozeman that it's clever and edgy. Dress well and use elegant makeup.

Fully Bald Hairstyle

This multitalented lady is bald-fetish. Bozeman found it witty and edgy, as did we. Add the correct clothes and cosmetics.

Completely Bald Hairstyle

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