How to tell if you look better blonde or brunette?

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1) Blonde Hair Color

What is Blonde & Brunette Hair Color? 

Blonde hair are golden or yellowish in color. This is due to the presence of low brown eumelanin

2) Brunette Hair Color

Brunette hair is shades between the black & brown hair color. There are a lot of shades of the brunette present.

How to tell if you look better blonde or brunette?

first, let’s look at the factors that will help you choose between Blonde or Brunette!

1) Original Hair color:

If you have dark hair color, you may need to go brunette, as it will suit your original hair color

 If you have thin hair, then blonde will be great, as your scalp will be less visible with thin hair

2) Type of Your Hair:

Blondes need bleaching in the interval of 4-6 weeks. So this way, blonde is surely expensive.

3) How much you can spend:

Blonde is known to hide grey hair & make people look younger. That’s why women above age 50 love to get blonde

4) Your Age:

The brunette hair color is easy to maintain & requires fewer touch-ups & processes than blonde.

4) Your AgeHow much time you have to maintain:

What are the qualities of Blonde & Brunette Hair Color?