Yankees give Aaron Judge $230M contract

An extension for All-Star right fielder Aaron Judge with the New York Yankees has not been reached.

With the $17 million it offered in arbitration this season, the total package would have been just over $230 million, according to GM Brian Cashman.

Before the Yankees' 6-5 season-opening win over the Boston Red Sox, Cashman said, "We were unable to reach a multiyear agreement."

In an unusual move for a team executive, the Yankees executive revealed the offer's figures, saying it was "for transparency."

An eight-year deal with the Yankees included the final season of arbitration (between $17 and $21 million) and seven years of free agency according to Cashman.

Cashman refused to comment on whether Judge's COVID-19 vaccination status played a role in the negotiations with Judge and his camp, characterising them as "no animus."

"Talking about anything that came up in negotiations isn't good for me, us, or Aaron. The HIPAA laws prevent me from discussing anyone's vaccination status. "Cashman said

In response to Yankees fans' disappointment at not having reached a contract extension with one of the game's most popular players, Cashman reiterated that message.

With the start of the Yankees' 2022 season being postponed until April 8, Judge deferred to Cashman when asked about his contract status.

"Right now I'm focused on a game. So it's a done deal. We'll discuss it after the game if it doesn't. A better update will come after the game "Judge said.

Cashman did not completely rule out the possibility of negotiations during the arbitration hearing, which he refused to confirm.

Mr. Judge and the club couldn't come to an agreement on a contract for 2022.

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