Stunning Formal Hairstyles for Your Long Hair

Formal High Ponytail

A formal ponytail for long hair will look fabulous if you’re aiming for that sleek effect for the top.Give the hairstyle an elegant note whit  wrapped strand at the base the pony.

French Braid with a Bun

Build a formal long blonde hairstyle by creating a French braid that starts from the forehead. Knit the whole mane, roll the nape hair inwards to obtain a small bun .

High Updo

Even if you have pale hues of orange and pink in your hair, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to pull off a formal updo for long hair.

French Thick Formal Braid

We know they are very time consuming and require a lot of patience, but intricate braids really worth the effort, making them probably one of the best formal hairstyles.

Jumbo Formal Braids

Every time you want to extend your hair, Jumbo hair is one of the most inexpensive, requested, and gorgeous options.

Half Updo for Long Hair

This half-up formal hairstyle for long hair can be done within minutes! All you need to do is backcomb the ends to obtain more volume and split the top hair .

Four Strand Braid

A four-strand braid will certainly place you in the spotlight! Use this knit to obtain two French braids that end up in two low rose flower buns.

Formal Hairstyle with Low Bun

When you want to look presentable and professional, a long formal hairstyle for office that keeps the mane into a low bun is a stunning idea.

Fake Bangs with Socket Bun

When you wish to try something new and don’t want to cut the hair to obtain a side-swept fringe, you can easily pick a long formal hairstyle with fake bangs.

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