Wolf Cuts for Curly Hair Girls

Fewer, longer layers with a longer wispy or curtain bang mix well and are softer.

Airy Curls

A chopped, shorter variant of the wolf cut. With greater volume, short, choppy layers and a more harsh cut to the bang will be more powerful.

Cropped Wolf Cut

A longer variant of the wolf cut adds versatility to the appearance by allowing you to draw your strands back into various fashions as you see appropriate.

Soft Waves

Wolf cuts may get shaggy and have a longer life of their own, while still looking excellent and requiring little upkeep.

Wispy Tendrils

Juliette Lewis's style, which straddles the line between a wolf cut and a bob, is a perfect option if you want to ease into the wolf cut region.

Face-Framing Waves

Bottleneck bangs, or bangs split in the center, compliment wolf cut styles and may be worn natural or blown out, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Bottleneck Bangs and Waves

While it doesn't need much more daily upkeep, it's crucial to note that this style contains bangs, which normally necessitate more attention than the rest of the haircut.

Caramel Curls

Longer curtain bangs frame the face and merge easily with the rest of your curly wolf cut.

Wavy Shag

A typical wolf cut may not transfer if you want to alternate between a sleek, straight blowout and your natural curls.

Long-Layered Wolf Cut

Sophie Thatcher's short wolf cut is reminiscent of Joan Jett, with tiny layers centered around the crown.

Joan Jett Vibes

The ombré highlights on this style complement the overall cut, emphasizing the face-framing appearance.

Golden Curls

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