Will Smith
Ban From Oscars for 10 Years

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It was decided that Will Smith would be banned from all Academy functions for ten years following his smack of presenter Chris Rock at the 94th Oscar ceremony.

Last Friday, Smith resigned from the Academy, saying "I accept and appreciate the Academy's decision."

"It was intended to commemorate many people in our community who did great work this year, but Mr. Smith's vile and hateful acts on stage ruined it.

The Academy says:

On our telecast, we failed to address the situation. We apologise. We failed to set an example for our visitors, viewers, and Academy family around the world.

The Board of Governors met today to examine Will Smith's actions at the Oscars and accept his resignation.

The Board has decided that Mr. Smith is not permitted to attend any Academy activities or programs for a period of ten years starting April 8, 2022.

Our response to Will Smith's behavior tonight is part of a bigger effort to protect our performers and guests while rebuilding faith in the Academy.”

Has the “Slap Gate” saga ended? The Academy has spoken, at least for the moment.

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