Why does my tattoo scab came off and no ink underneath?

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Sometimes, the skin reacts in some different manner, or due to some issues, the tattoo scab comes off, and no ink underneath is discovered. 

Why do tattoos scab? 

Some tattoos, particularly minor ones, can peel so softly that it doesn’t seem like they’re peeling at all.

Is it normal for a tattoo to not scab? 

Scabs that are very thick and hard to remove
The scab’s surrounded with redness
Excessive oozing
Excessive swelling

When to worry about tattoo scabs?

1) Avoid picking and pulling the scabs.

How to care for a scabbing tattoo?

Unsettled ink might come out of your tattoo with the skin when you pick or tug on it

It might be devastating if you get an infection from scratching your new tattoo. Do not scratch the tattoo until it has totally healed.

2) Don’t scratch the scab area.

3) Moisturize the tattooed area

Using moisturizing lotions and ointments on your new tattoo will alleviate any itching that you may be experiencing and speed up the healing process