What does it mean when a woman plays with her hair?

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It is typical for women to flirt by playing with their hair. But it can also be done subconsciously!

A lot of women don’t even recognize when they are doing this! So it does not always mean they are flirting.

There can be many other reasons why women play with their reasons. Let's have look ahead!

Thoughts on her mind

  When we’re curious about something, we often engage in behaviors that we don’t even realize we’re engaging in at the time.


 In order to let go of an overwhelming feeling, she may be playing with her hair, similar to tapping fingers or biting the lips. Anxiety, boredom, or excitement are all possible causes of this.

Pleasurable sensation

The slight tugging of the hair stimulates the hair follicles. The delightful sensation might aid a stressed-out woman’s mood and concentration.

Hair Detangling

A lot of people might think she’s playing with her hair; however, she might be just detangling her hair.

Sign of Attention

When women play with their hair, it may indicate that they are paying attention to what you’re saying or how you’re acting.


We all have good and bad habits, and playing with hair is one of them. Many women play with their hair because they have a habit of doing so. 

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