White nails designs

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Why keep your nails white when you can add a touch of gold?   you can keep it simple and use only two colours. It's a great choice for a fancy party.

White-and-gold nails

 Use a thin line of black polish to outline the edges of your white nails and divide the middle into two parts. This pattern can be put on just one finger or on your whole hand. 

Black and White Design

This beautiful design can become your new go-to manicure.  The elegant pearl near the cuticle makes the whole thing look better, and it will look great at any event.

 White French Tip with Pearls

It's a bold and elegant manicure for anyone, with pink and purple edgy lines across the nailbed. If you want to change things up, try greys that aren't too bright .

 Pink and White Design

 When white and pastel shades are used together, they add depth to an already beautiful manicure Put stars on the middle and ring fingers .

White Nail Design
 with Stars

 Using a metallic gold varnish, you can carefully paint geometric lines across each fingertip, giving each one a different pattern.

 White and Gold Nail Designs 

 This cute and easy idea for a manicure is easy to do and looks great on anyone. You can paint each nail a different colour by using white and two different shades of pastel blue.

Blue and White Nails

The sleek white finish elongates your fingers and elevates your ensembles. Leave fingertip nails plain or design one.

White Coffin Nails

The design  is as precious as crystal. You can add dimension to your fingernails using silver polish or metallic tape. Let your hands speak instead of jewels on a night out.

White and Silver Nails

 try a white-and-red manicure. The abstract hearts on each nail are avant-garde. Metallic arrows through the colour pop finish the effect. 

Red and White Nails

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