Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale shares 8-minute ab workout: ‘4 exercises 30 seconds each’

Kelly Gale is unveiling the secret behind her washboard abs. The Victoria’s Secret model took to Instagram on Monday and shared an eight-minute workout she swears by.

The 26year-old rocked a summery two-toned string bikini as she showed off her exercise routine outdoors alongside her dog.8 min ab workout,Gale captioned the video.4 exercises.30 seconds each.

Gale started crunches to strengthen her core.She then opted for arm & leg raises to further the burn.Gale also relied on knee-to-elbow crunches & twists.Her workout buddy relaxed & looked on instead.

"I think I might prefer Zoe's version of this workout," Gale joked. The Swedish-Australian star first auditioned for Victoria’s Secret after age 18, Grazia reported.

Casting agents were so impressed that they created an extra runway look so she could be included. Gale went on to appear in several more shows and posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 2017.

Gale, a fitness advocate, is known for uploading some of her routines to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram."I think a lot of people assume that fitness only means going to the gym, but to me,

 it’s always been about finding anything active that I enjoy, and finding the balance with having fun," she explained to V magazine.

I’m very lucky fitness has also end up being a hugepart of my work,which I think of as a great luxury to have something I’m so passionate about organically integrated into my professional life.

"Having that love for wellness makes staying dedicated far easier as well, everything is harder when we view it as an obligation rather than a pleasure," she shared.

Usually on my day off,& sometime before going to set–I end up heading to Pilates, boxing or jumprope & when that get boring, I go rock climbing with friend or find some other activity we can tackle.