Unbeatable Hairstyles for Men Over 50


1. Side Swept White Hair

If you’re a man over 50, keep your short white hair from looking old by styling it into something flattering! Add short layers to your white hair and use your fingers, not a comb, to brush it to the side

2. Twists for Natural Hair

Don’t let your age make you feel like you have to chop your hair off! If you’re over 50 and your natural hair is a medium length

3. Short Sides, Long Top

No matter what age you are, a haircut featuring short sides and a long top is never a bad choice! For men over 50 with thick hair, 

4. Round Afro Cut

Another handsome hairstyle for men over 50 with natural hair is a rounded afro. Flaunt that salt and pepper hair in just a couple inches of length

5. The Wild and Curly

For older men with medium to long hair, show off your beautiful thick locks by wearing. itslightly messy or wind-blown

6. Man Bun with Beard

With or without a long beard, a man bun makes older men over 50 look just a little more youthful. Unless you’re going to a fancy occasion,

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