The Ultimate Guide to 10 Different Nail Shapes

The square nail shape is pretty self-explanatory. Square nails are square—they're flat on top with straight, sharp corners. 

1. Square Nails

The classic round shape is another favorite for those who prefer to keep their nails clipped short. 

2. Round Nails

Square oval or squoval nails are perfect if you're into the flat edge of the square but hate sharp corners. 

3.Squoval Nails

Yes, round nails are different from oval ones. Here's how: Oval nails are filed down on the sides in addition to the tips. 

4. Oval Nails

Like oval nails, almond nails are filed along the sides. The nail wall is tapered to end in a round peak, similar to the shape of an actual almond.

5. Almond Nails

Shaping this spiked look starts off the same as it's nuttier counterpart, the almond, but ends at a much sharper point with a wider base.

6. Stiletto Nails

Ballerina nails (also known as coffin-shaped nails) are Kylie Jenner's signature nail shape. 

7. Ballerina Nails

The inspiration behind this one is the cut angle of a fresh tube of lipstick.

8. Lipstick Nails

As their name suggests, this nail shape flares upward and out. This shape is also known as the duck bill shape, given that exceptionally wide flare nails can resemble a duck bill.

9. Flare Nails

Edge nails form a point, but the point is less aggressive than that of a stiletto, arrowhead or mountain peak nail shape, as it extends straight before the top edges are filed

10. Edge Nails

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