Two Tone Hair Styles For Cute Girls

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Two colors framing your face can be an alternative to devoting a full half of your head to one color, and the other half to a different color.

1: Face-Framing Highlights

Soft kisses of caramel instantly brighten up cool toned brunettes. Two tone hair color ideas are a fun way to change up your ‘do when going through seasonal changes, life .

2: Caramel Balayage

3: Royal Blue Balayage

If you want two tone hair but you’re not sure which color to add in, pick the hue of your favorite jewel or birthstone! Sapphire makes an excellent union with black hair.

Call it modern Cruella Deville, call it yin and yang, day and night, whatever you call this hairstyle, it’s no doubt a masterpiece.

4: Half Blonde, Half Black

Unicorn style, a cousin of mermaid style, is for all the pastel princesses out there wanting to dip their toes in two toned hair. 

5: Unicorn Hair

A fad that’s sweeping salons is colored face-framing sections. Done as peak-a-boos or even blocks of color, it looks best on hair that’s parted to the side for a dramatic flair.

6: Violet Face-Framing

If you are deep in the ‘scene hair’ trend, get electric with your color choices! Bright, neon colors are killer on two-toned hair.

7: Electrifying Scene

Sprinkle a little extra something on your luminous tones by adding an undercut . A more literal form of “two tones” is having two tones of color, as well as two tones of cuts.

8: Two Colors, Two Cuts

9: Accented Fringe

Half and half hairstyles do not always have to be a part down the middle of your head, one color on the left, and another on the right.

The best part of starting with half blonde half black hair, is that you can play with bright colors on the lighter half once you’re over the blonde.

10: Half and Half Coloring

Shaggy layers with massive amounts of texture are characteristic traits of the scene style, along with high-contrasting color combinations.

11: Two-Toned Shaggy Hair

Sometimes your inner mod compels you to add your own twist to an existing style. There aren’t really any rules with two-tone hair color, so make up your own!

12: Reverse Ombre

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