Trendy Ombre Hairstyles to Improve Your Appearance

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Strawberry blonde tones are a gorgeous sight to me, and in this case, they add an edge by working in an ombre degradation to an ash-blonde tone.

1.Strawberry to Ashy Blonde Short Ombre

Lou Doillon’s long wavy bangs are a match made in heaven to the dark-brown-to-golden ombre.

2.Lou Doillon's Medium Length Ombre

Jamie Chung is giving us major hair envy with her super-sleek center-parted lob which she’s given a subtle yet chic dark brown to sandy blonde ombre treatment.

3.Jamie Chung's Subtle Ombre Lob

Hilary Duff keeps it classic with this long layered hairstyle in a dirty blonde ombre hue.

4.Hilary Duff's Dirty Blonde Ombre

Jessica Alba looks fabulous with her dark brown to sandy blonde ombre hair which she’s wearing in a side-swept wavy style with a pompadour top.

5.Jessica Alba's Side-Swept Ombre Waves

Chloe Bennet looks totally glam wearing this boho center-parted wavy ‘do in a dark to light brown ombre hue.

6.Chloe Bennet's Dark to Light Brown Ombre

She is wearing a short wavy bob with a middle part and has chosen a stylish mahogany to blonde ombre color to jazz it up.

7.Ashley Benson's Short Mahogany to Blonde Ombre Waves

Ana de Armas wears a casual center-parted wavy ‘do but spices it up with a high-contrast dark brown to blonde ombre color.

8.Ana de Armas' Center-Parted Ombre Waves

Chrissy Teigen looks super trendy wearing this shag in a dark brown to blonde ombre hue.

9.Chrissy Teigen's Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre Shag

A mixture of the ombre technique and balayage make up this incredible look Amelia Windsor wears so well. 

10.Amelia Windsor's Ombre and Messy Waves

Effortlessly Chic Slicked Back Hairstyle