Trendy Back to School Hairstyles for girls

Either curl your hair with a curling wand or take advantage of heatless curls by going to bed with a big braid and waking up to wavy hair

Celtic Knot Style

Wake up with the-night-before curls, add touch-ups and a shine gloss to glitz your hair the morning of we recommend the Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Dry Oil Shine Mist

Half-Up Hairbow

This trendy half-up half-down galaxy bun hairstyle is perfect for making a statement. Utilize relaxed waves which are both stylish and simple.

Half-Down Space Buns

Create big, feminine braids with a curling iron come Monday morning, focusing only on the mid-part of the hair down

Curly Pull-Through

Who can resist the sweet and studious look of pulled back hair and fishtail braids? This french fishtail braid starts from parted hair 

Relaxed Fishtail Updo

If you want to keep your hair the same from Monday’s ‘do and focus on a simple yet intriguing braid, this one’s for you!

Strand Waterfall Braid

If you have medium to long hair, pull the rest of the hair into a knot at the nape of your neck. A hairstyle like this is staying in place all day

 Wispy Dutch Braid 

Spice-up your casual Tuesday outfit with a faux bubble braid. It’s soft and sweet but not quick to do, so have a look at how to do a faux bubble braid

Faux Bubble Braid

Mixing dutch braids with space buns is combining the two trendiest hairstyles we’ve seen in a long time. Liven up your Wednesday school day

Dutch Braid Space 

If you’ve got the length, or even if you fake it with extensions, this braid is perfect for you. Make your classmates envious of your braid-game

Strand Braid

Work this classic for bold-braid Wednesday by parting your hair into two ponytail sections at the top of your head, very loosely braiding

Girly Space Bun Updo

Go all-out with this 5-strand dutch braid into a ponytail with an accent braid. Having a hairstyle like this is ideal for more relaxed outfits 

Strand Dutch Ponytail

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