Trending Tribal Armband Tattoo Ideas

This technique in tattooing uses fine dots to create shapes and patterns, and these designs show how well it works on tribal armbands.

1. Dotwork Tribal Armband Tattoos

Any tattoo on the upper arm is a good choice, but these tribal armbands are really good.

2. Upper Arm Tribal Armband Tattoos

The alternating patterns and intricate designs of tribal art are best used in this monochrome palette.

3. Black Ink Tribal Armband Tattoos

These exceptional artists create tremendous contrast by allowing vacant, undamaged skin to surround regions of extremely saturated black ink.

4. Negative Space Tribal Armband Tattoos

These tribal armbands include vast swaths of highly saturated black ink for a striking design.

5. Heavy Black Tribal Armband Tattoos

Many Polynesian tattoos are shaped like thatched palm leaves, fish scales, and other natural designs.

6. Polynesian Tribal Armband Tattoos

Hawaiian tattoos are quite similar to Polynesian tattoos because the same peoples spread the tradition throughout the South Pacific.

7. Hawaiian Tribal Armband Tattoos

Geometric shapes and patterns are also gaining popularity in tattoo styles and designs.

8. Geometric Tribal Armband Tattoos

Tattoos, like all art forms, are continually changing and evolving thanks to thousands of committed artists.

9. Innovative Tribal Armband Tattoo Ideas

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