Day of the Dead Tattoo Ideas

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A big part of La Catrina Day of the Dead tattooing is calavera make up. This is done to put an internal emphasis on life and death and create a visible celebratory atmosphere for remembering.

This Day of the Dead girl is inked in a more traditional black and gray fashion, allowing the calavera make up to be focused on clean, fresh black line.

 Day of the Dead Tattoo is a more subtle, portrait style piece. The artist had developed great realism in the almost photo quality of La Catrina, with only a few line effects and the sewn shut mouth. 

A brilliant Chicano style chest tattoo representing the Day of the Dead. The three portraits are exceptionally etched in black and gray,simply contrasting between clean outline and shading variations.

Calavera Day of the Dead Tattoo. The vivid red highlights in etching and background fill give the La Catrina a well constructed ghostly glow and works with the alternating black and white elements.

An exceptional small hand tattoo.This stylized La Catrina opts to go bright and brilliant.The electric blue face makeup creates a vivid platform for the colorful shapes and shades of the other paint. 

This is an interesting portrait sketch tattoo of La Catrina. The lower hair shading features an innovative technique which looks excellent against skin and traditional gray shadow.

An interesting mask that would benefit from more subtly shaded make-up – there’s not quite enough gradient shadow around the eyes and on the nose to delineate the line work. 

This Day of the Dead tattoo is in the process of an upgrade. The artist is adding fuzzy black shade in places to add a darker element and help the feature stand out from the subject’s other tattoos. 

The clarity in eye ink is the key to this traditional black and gray Day of the Dead tattoo. La Catrina’s eyes are accentuated by small white ink highlights making her gaze more intense. 

This La Catrina is etched with such clean line tattooing and smart white ink flourishes that the dark nature of the shading doesn’t compromise the overall image. 

There aren’t many Day of the Dead girl tattoos tagged on people’s neck. This example is crisp, if lacking the more flamboyant shade effects.

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