Top 7 Foods to Eat for Hair Health

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Spinach contains iron, folate, beta carotene, and vitamins A and C – all of which help moisturize your hair.

1. Spinach

Orange vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkins contain beta carotene. This antioxidant turns into vitamin A in the body and helps prevent dull, dried out hair. 

Sweet Potatoes

Greek yogurt is full of protein and a great source of vitamin B5 and helps build hair from the inside out. 

Greek Yogurt

Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids. Your body cannot produce these good fats by itself, you need to consume them in the foods you eat. Not only do they protect you from disease


Lean cuts of chicken and turkey are great sources of protein – the building blocks of hair. If you are protein deficient, your hair


Eggs give your body protein and iron, both essential for healthy hair. Eggs contain biotin, a B vitamin that supports hair growth and scalp health.


Cinnamon supports healthy circulation, including blood flow to the scalp. Oxygen and nutrient rich blood help feed hair follicles to stimulate growth.


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