Timothy LeDuc first nonbinary athlete

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More than a month ago, Timothy LeDuc said they didn't want this moment to be about them.

LeDuc didn't want the storey to be about the future.

That they can "be open and authentic to themselves and everything that makes them unique" and still "achieve success in sport" was their goal.

LeDuc did just that on Friday at Capital Indoor Stadium.

LeDuc became the first openly nonbinary athlete to compete at the Winter Olympics, skating with partner Ashley Cain-Gribble in the short programme of the pairs event.

To be openly nonbinary, LeDuc, 31, acknowledges that amazing queer people have gone before him and laid the groundwork. "Now I want to do it for others."

LeDuc joins Quinn, a women's soccer player who won an Olympic gold medal with Canada at the recent Summer Games.

LeDuc is one of at least 32 out LGBTQ athletes competing in the Beijing Games, according to GLAAD and Outsports. In Pyeongchang, there were 15 out athletes.

"I think it's amazing," said figure skater Jason Brown, who came out as gay last summer.

"It's huge that visibility is increasing for others to come. Involvement makes me proud. And I'm grateful to those who came before me."

LeDuc has long agreed. Native Iowans, they came out as gay at 18 and as nonbinary a decade later.

People whose gender identity or expression does not fit the "man/woman" binary.

LeDuc discussed his struggles portraying masculinity in figure skating, especially in pairs, where skaters often take on traditional masculine and feminine roles. "Forced," they said.

"I never felt authentic," LeDuc said. "It all made sense when I was given the tools and shown that I could exist outside of that. I finally felt complete."

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