Timeless and Modern Bob Haircuts for Women

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Vanessa Hudgens' Side-Pushed Leveled Bob

Use your favorite gel or holding product and use it to slick your hair back and to the side like Vanessa Hudgens.

Allison Miller's Beachy Waves Bob

Ever thought of a bob, but with a more relaxed vibe? Allison Miller’s beachy waves and bob cut are the perfect picks to fulfill these criteria.

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Wavy Short Bob

This is pretty much as short as you can go and still call the haircut a bob of any kind.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Bob

Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s bob is one that comes straight out of the textbook, adding some very soft and classic details like the long fringe

Roxane Mesquida's Diamond Bob

Roxane Mesquida’s been pulling off this kind of effortlessly wavy style any chance she gets and I personally love her for it.

Rihanna's Angular Bob

Is there anything Riri can’t pull off? I don’t think so. She looks stunning with straightened hair and her asymmetrical bob.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Wavy Layered Bob

This is a gorgeous example of a feathery a-line bob. Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s facial features are expertly framed here.

Naomi Campbell's '07 Bob

A super short bob and some choppy bangs will always be iconic! Naomi Campbell knows this look is timeless

Gabrielle Union's Side Parted Bob

As we’ve mentioned before, a little bit of change in the way the volume of your hair distributes goes a long way.

Kirsten Stewart's Ombre Bob

Going from chocolate brown to blonde, Kirsten Stewart’s wavy and ear-tucked bob looks super stylish!

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