Timeless & Modern Bob Haircut for Women

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Keira Knightly’s angular bob is styled with straight hair which is very flattering to accentuate her facial features.


Keira Knightley's Angular Bob

While the traditional bob hits its target length at the chin, Jena Malone’s curly bob goes a tad shorter and curls the ends for the extra movement


Jena Malone's Curly Bob

A bob like this, in my honest opinion, looks super cute on someone like Anne Hathaway.


Anne Hathaway Black Brown Short Bob

Even though the hair color choice is very contemporary by choosing to go with a platinum blonde, I’d say almost white, Cara Delevingne’s bob styling


Cara Delevingne's White Blonde Bob

There’s just something about platinum blonde hair that looks super badass.


Zara Larson's Platinum Blonde Bob

Back in the 1920s, Breeda Wool’s hairstyle would’ve been a staple; and just like many things in the fashion world,


Breeda Wool's Curly Bob

I feel like, for the bob haircuts, the side part and messy waves style gets the part of the girl-next-door kind of look.


Jenna Elfman's Side Part Wavy Bob

Malin Akerman’s bob is more on the longer side, so technically you could call this a long bob, or a “Lob”.


Malin Akerman's Side Parted Long Bob

Dua Lipa’s bob falls under the classic spectrum. While she opted for not adding bangs it still looks pretty timeless.


Dua Lipa's Bob

Kehlani can literally choose any hairstyle and pull it off like it was absolutely designed for her.


Kehlani's Angled Bob

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