Timeless Holiday Hairstyles You Can Recreate Yourself


1.Pearl Dust

You can throw your hair into any style you're comfortable wearing to keep your look classic, but adding a sprinkle of pearls dusted throughout the hair will give your look.

2.Holiday Glam

A deep side part, classic Hollywood waves and a bold red lip? This is an all around timeless beauty look, making it great for a small get together at home or your company's holiday Zoom.

3.Adorned Bubbles

A bubbled ponytail is always an eye catcher. Give your bubble ponytails a little extra holiday flair by adding a small tie of ribbon at every notch.

4.High Half-Up

High and tight half-up hairstyles have become a timeless staple to keep in our repertoires but keeping those ends extra bouncy

5.Clipped Up

If you have brittle, over processed hair that needs a break from heat and hair ties this holiday season, adorn them with a few clips

6.Black Velvet

There's no better time of year to bust out the black velvet. The dress, the bows, the chokers, even the headbands.

7.Soft Volume

Soft, touchable volume in the hair is a timeless style that deserves to be captured in moments big and small so you can always remember your best hair days.

8.Barrette Bouquet

Spring may be the season for fresh florals, but the holidays are a time for metallic buds. Keep the timeless look alive with a little extra sheen by way of these pins from LeLet NY.

9.Sparkle Stack

Everything should shine a little brighter around the holidays, hair included. A simple stack of bright pins is an easy fix when you want to keep things casual but remain festive.

10.Elevated Norms

Whatever your go-to hair style is, turn it up a notch to make your hair into a timeless holiday 'do. 

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