Timeless Fall Wedding Hairstyles

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“I am seeing a cross between softly swept off the face and up off the neck, or down with very full, deep lived-in waves,”

1.Soft Retro-Waves

“Popular styles are heading toward a tousled and effortless kind of vibe,” says Alysa Pace of Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills.

2.Classic, Tousled Styles

“Braids are another great look that can accent almost any dress. You can dress them up or down and make them effortlessly elegant.

3.Side-Swept Plaits

“My personal favorite go-to look for short-haired brides is Hollywood glam. Sort of like an up-to-date finger wave but gentler. 

4.Practically Perfect Finger Waves

“My favorite long-haired look is a classic ponytail without the class. This look has to be loose with lots of texture yet still look polished.

5.Mermaid-Length Ponytails

“For wedding styles this fall, I see hair being looser and soft, touchable waves with more organic texture.

6. Organic Textures

“For short hair, I love the hair slicked back on one side with free, fun volume and texture on the other side,”

7.Slick-Back with Volume

“This fall, I’m predicting very simple and clean. I saw a lot of textures on the runway during bridal fashion week," 

8. Soft Textures

“For fall, I’m predicting loose, tousled waves that are effortless yet still romantic for the bride who’s all about no fuss and no stress,

9.Romantic Curls

“For the bride who has dreamed and fantasized about her wedding day for as long as she can remember,

10.Curls and Sparkles

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