TikTok’s Favorite Hair Stylist


1.The Old Boss Funky Hairstyle

If you want to look like a boss even in older age groups, what best than this short funky bob hairstyle. Just make sure you do this undercut variant here.

2.Balayage Long Wavy Funky Style

Women who love to have stylish looks along with funkiness blended well with it can try this style out.

3.Funky Bob Hairstyles

This funky fringe hairstyles and short funky bob hairstyles are well-suited with highlighted hair.

4.Bob with Bangs Funky Haircut

If you love bangs and want to have funky cuts in this similar variant, then try out this funky undercut hairstyle with bang.

5.The Frontal Waves

Now we come back to the everyday funks that you can opt for if you don’t believe in the extremists above.

6.The Mohawk Over The Top

This to one of the latest funky hairs which were first mostly exercised by the boys.

7.Braid Bunch

While we are at the Mohawks, here is another variation with a slightly girly touch to it which you can easily opt for.

8.The One-Sided Lock

To go uber-trendy, you need to think out of the box, and it is here that we find the easy funky hairstyles being mixed and matched with some other hairstyle type.

9.Blue Colour Funky Hair

Going all out in the trend-setting funk, this funky hairstyle for the girl is called a proper mullet first and mostly seen in guys before girls infiltrated

10. The Rainbow Pixie

Pixies have been ruling the trend factor for quite a long time now, and in today’s world, even the pixie hairstyles are getting varied

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