The Worst Foods for Weight Loss

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Acai bowls are packed with fresh, bright fruit, but they can pack 500 to 800 calories, plus a few days' worth of sugar depending on what you add to them.

1. Acai Bowls

Sushi can surprisingly be hit or miss depending on what you choose."Watch out for anything labeled 'spicy' or 'crunchy' & anything with aioli or other drizzled sauces,"


"Coconut oil wears a health halo and has become a go-to food in the wellness space,"

3.Coconut Oil

"For example, using sugar-free chocolate chips for baking may save a few calories but not a significant amount, so portion size is key,"

4.Sugar-Free Candy

Keto ice cream may be low carb, but it's super high in fat and calories—and it's often higher in calories than regular ice cream!

5.Keto Ice Cream

For those who think going gluten-free is the way to lose weight, gluten-free bread is often lauded as healthier than wheat bread. 

6.Gluten-Free Ice Bread

Agave is just another fancy-sounding sugar. Except for very minor nutrient differences, it's no different than eating regular table sugar, so the calories are similar.


Ordering a wrap versus a sandwich isn't going to make it any better for you.


If you snack on "energy" bars on the regular, you may want to reevaluate this choice—especially since some contain enough calories to be a meal replacement versus a snack.

9.Energy Bars

These frozen drinks that you'd typically find at a coffee shop or your local Starbucks can really fall more into the dessert category