The Karen Haircut

The Karen haircut is an inverted bob or lob,also known as an A-line cut.It’s always longer in the front and short in the back.As a result,it creates a sharp angle when viewed the side

Original Karen Haircut

The original Karen haircut, as worn by reality TV star Kate Gosselin, is an asymmetric blonde bob.

Karen Haircut for Black Hair

The Karen look isn’t just for blondes! Women with dark hair can undoubtedly fall victim to the chunky, asymmetric, and unflattering haircut too.

Karen Haircut with Red and Blonde Highlights

Karens are known for their fiery tempers, and what better way to let everyone know than with red and blonde highlights?

Karen Hair with Brown and Red Highlights

Shaking it up from the traditional blonde look, some brunette Karens choose bold red highlights instead.

Neat Karen Haircut

Karen haircuts can range from edgy and spiky to primped and polished. For the upper-class Karens of the country club, a neat, feathery haircut is the perfect look.

Brassy Blonde Karen Hair

While now is a great time to experiment with a new shade of blonde, beware! Your hair can turn ‘brassy’ when the natural color has a warm undertone

Platinum Blonde Karen Haircut

The Karen haircut is far from natural – which could be why so many Karens love to pair it with eye-catching colors like platinum blonde.

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