The Hemi V8
Canceled by Dodge

I told everyone that the disbanding of Dodge's SRT team was the start of the end for the brand's high-performance era, but some folks just didn't want to hear it.

The GME T6, or Global Medium Engine Turbocharged 6, will take the place of the Hemi V8, a term that is easy to pronounce.

All Stellantis Global medium platform cars, including the Dodge Challenger and Charger, will utilise it.

Please try to keep your enthusiasm for a turbo-six rather than a bruising Hemi V8, especially one with a supercharger, hidden.

Those who have decided to swallow the blue pill and sink into the ether, content that everything will be OK, may believe they have made the right decision.

Instead, they're exchanging a semblance of happiness today for the very real threat of authoritarian oppression in the future.

Wouldn't Dodge be coupling this to a hybrid powertrain if it were truly advanced and ready to go with electrification?

All of this is apparently to battle the world's slowly but steadily rising temperature.

The arrogance of thinking that by reducing carbon emissions, we can simply "pull down the dial" on the global thermostat by a few degrees is astonishing, but not surprising.

That's how important I believe this issue is, because it's not about muscle cars and V8 engines in the end.