The Best Cycling Workouts to Try At Home

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30-Minute SoulCycle Indoor Cycling Flow 

0-3 minutes warm-up seated. BPM: 120-128 (Ride at a steady pace, allow the muscles to acclimate.)

 3-6 minutes slow to moderate jog. BPM: 170 

 6-9 minutes intervals, side to side/march. BPM: 128  (Put on a pump-up jam here and push your pace during the chorus, working in and out of the saddle.

Then during the lyrics, do a steady march “side to side,” shifting the bodyweight left and right. Slow your legs down, so you are “marching” along to the music.) 

9-13 minutes intervals climb. BPM: 115 (Start to increase resistance in increments, add 1-2 pushes as desired.) (interval pushed paces during the chorus; increase resistance in increments) 

13-16 minutes moderate jog. BPM: 170-185 (Add in upper body choreography as desired)

16-21 minutes upper body arms routine (Combination of moves with a focus on keeping weight off of the shoulders, limit overhead movements) 

21-25 minutes active recovery (slow jog or climb) 

25-28 minutes seated interval race. BPM: 125-130 (Work in 8 counts, work in and out of the saddle, or add steady runs or holds and pushes for 8 counts,

  (In and out of the saddle, runs and pushes)8 count intervals in and out of the saddle: add steady runs or holds and pushes out of the saddle as desired)

Quadriceps (knee to the ground, grab your ankle for support limiting flexion at the low back) 

28-30 minutes stretch (on or off of the bike)

Hamstrings (extend upper body toward toes)

Hips (Alternating forward lunge)