The Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

The so-called ‘rice milk’ is deemed a great epidermis’ ally, due to the presence of an element known as para-aminobenzoic acid, which is found in many products that protect us from the sun rays.


Yet another role of rice water is that it protects us from premature aging. It is said that this liquid promotes cell growth and slows tissue degradation, besides helping the blood flow.


The expected results are a brighter and firmer face, due to the renewal of the skin’s brightness, tonicity, and elasticity.


Not to mention that taking care of your skin this way is quite inexpensive, isn’t that so?


It collaborates with our digestion – the ‘rice milk’ is interesting as a facilitator of the intestinal function, helping the maintenance of its flora, while reducing the discomfort and swelling.


The liquid provides energy and nutrients that may be beneficial to the whole family, as a way to complement the diet.


Another function of rice water would be to lighten skin spots. Skin spots can occur for several reasons, among them acne and frequent waxing.


 For those cases, a homemade recipe can be helpful to solve the issue, because it is a source of kojic acid, a whitening substance found in many creams, which derives from rice.

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