The Effects of Ginger for Hair Are Different Than You Think

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Mariwalla says that ginger can help to strengthen the hair and reduce the signs of brittleness. 

1. Reducing brittleness:

According to Mariwalla, “any time the scalp is inflamed, the hair doesn't have a good platform from which to grow.

2. Reducing inflammation:

Mariwalla suggests using ginger as a spot treatment on the scalp if you have breakouts. 

3. Reducing acne and breakouts: 

Ginger is full of fatty acids, which Mariwalla says could improve the strength of each individual strand of hair. 

4. Improving hair strength

The antioxidants in ginger will help prevent the strands from signs of aging, according to Mariwalla. 

5. Reducing the effects of aging

Ginger root makes your ginger roots stronger! Thus reducing hair loss, something we obviously want to prevent – keep living the ginger dream!

6. Reduces hair loss

Not only does ginger reduce hair loss, but it increases blood circulation to the scalp, also making hair silky and shiny at the same time.

7. Stimulates hair growth

Ginger contains natural antiseptic properties which help to fight dandruff issues.

8. Fights dandruff

With its anti-oxidants, ginger can seriously help to repair any split ends and dry hair problems.Mix some ginger oil with your shampoo and watch how its natural moisturising.

9. Split ends

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