The 6 Best Foods That Melt Visceral Fat

1. Beans

Raise The Diet High In Casein, A Nutrient That Most Americans Lack. In One Study, Every 10-Gram Increase In Daily Soluble Carb Intake Cut Visceral Fat By Over 4%.

Beans Are An Excellent Source Of Soluble Fiber, And Studies Suggest That Eating More Of Them Could Help Fend Off Belly Fat.

2. Greek Yogurt

Whether You're Having It For Breakfast Or As A Snack To Tide You Over Between Meals, Unsweetened Plain Greek Yogurt Is A Better Choice To Target Pesky Belly Fat.

Eating Yogurt Is Associated With Lower Body Weight, Body Fat And Having A Smaller Waist. Additionally, Yogurt Is A Good Source Of Good-For-Your-Gut Probiotics.

3. Nuts

Walnuts To Increase Your Adiponectin Levels. Just Under ½ Cup Per Day Should Do The Trick.For More Info On Walnuts, Check Out The Secret Side Effects Of Eating Walnuts.

A Lot Of Amazing Things Happen To Your Body When You Eat Carrots.You Might Shed Abdominal Fat. Carotenoids Are Pigments That Give Red, Orange, And Yellow Fruits And Vegetables Their Color.

4. Carrots

Those Who Consumed 100 IU Of Vitamin D And 350 Mg Of Calcium Via Enriched Orange Juice On A Daily Basis Lost More Belly Fat Than Those Who Did Not.

5. Orange Juice

Eating More High-Quality Protein Such As Salmon May Help Lose Belly Fat. A Study In Nutrition & Metabolism Found That Doing So Was Connected To A Reduce In The % Of Central Abdominal Fat.

6. Salmon

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