The 14 Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

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Red wine is one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages available. Poon says it's "low in calories and has some health benefits

Red Wine

While this is hotly debated, some evidence suggests tequila may not be as depressant as other alcoholic beverages.

Tequila On the Rocks

A vodka soda is one of the bar's healthier cocktail options, being low in calories and sugar. Because soda water is hydrating, it's nice to mix in a little clear alcohol.

Vodka Soda

This cocktail is a win-win. Keep in mind that each drink contains a lot of calories.

Bloody Mary

Mezcal has a distinct smoky flavour. Because it doesn't spike blood sugar as much as other alcohols, tequila is a better choice.

Mezcal On the Rocks

The practise of mixing wine with sparkling water is not particularly popular in America. This not only reduces the alcohol and calorie content, but also adds hydration.

Wine Spritzer

Indulgent cocktails made with sparkling wines and Champagne can be healthy. Choose a dry variety. Dry wines have less sugar.

Dry Champagne

Mulled wine combines the antioxidants of red wine with a therapeutic blend of spices and herbs.

Mulled Wine

They're hot and tasty, and they're a great way to enjoy a "mixed drink" without the added sugar.

Margarita with Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

A hard kombucha may be a good choice for a light buzz. Like hard kombucha, it is naturally fermented and contains probiotics.

Hard Kombucha

Plus, beer is a healthy beverage. American Journal of Medical Sciences says beer has more protein and B vitamins than wine.

Low Calorie Beer

Cider has nearly as many antioxidants as red wine.

Hard Cider

Palomas are trendy and healthy when made with fresh grapefruit juice, soda water, and tequila.

Paloma with Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Choose good whiskey for your hot toddy. Add "fresh lemon, fresh ginger, and honey" to your cocktail for a healthy boost.

Fresh-Made Hot Toddy

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