The 10 Best Proteins For Weight Loss


Popeye's Favourite Veggie Adds Bulk, Vitamins A & C, Antioxidants & Folate. A Hard-Boiled Egg's Protein Content In Half The Calories. Want To Get The Best Nutrition? Ever Eat Raw Spinach.

1. Spinach

2. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

They Include The Antioxidant Lycopene, Which Has Been Shown To Lower The Risk Of Bladder, Lung, Prostate, Skin, And Stomach Cancers As Well As Coronary Artery Disease. 

3. Guava

A Cup Of Guava Contains Almost 4 Grammes Of Protein, 9 Grammes Of Fibre, And Only 112 Calories. The Tropical Fruit Has 600% Of Your DV Of Vitamin C Per Cup – More Than Seven Medium Oranges! 

4. Artichokes

Grains And Protein Reduce Ghrelin, The "Hunger" Hormone. Artichoke Boasts The Most Protein Of Any Vegetable And Almost Twice The Fibre Of Kale.

5. Peas

A Cup Of Green Peas Contains Eight Times The Protein Of A Cup Of Spinach. They Provide About 100% Of Your Daily Vitamin C Needs In One Cup.

6. Grass-Fed Beef

Grassfed Beef Is Best. Money Doesn't Hurt Abs. Grass-Fed Beef Is Leaner And Fattier: Lean Strip Steak, 386 Kcal/16g Fat 234 Calories, 5 G Fat, Same Steak

7. Ostrich

Raised Brows The New Grill Star Is Ostrich. Contains Less Fat Than Turkey Or Chicken. A 4-Ounce Burger Contains Over 30 G Protein And Only 6 G Fat.

8. Pork

Pork Is Becoming A Healthier Choice For Doctors And Dieters. Tenderloin Pork: Compared To Skinless Chicken Breast, Pork Tenderloin Has Less Fat.

9. Halibut

Halibut Beats Oatmeal And Vegetables For Protein And Satiety. An Australian Study Revealed It To Be Second Most Filling After Boiling Potatoes.

10. Pacific Cod

It's Pointless. Slimming Down With Cod Fish Sticks? Diets With Five Servings Of Cod Per Week Shed 3.8 Pounds More Than Those Without.

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