Trendy Sleeve Tattoos (Inspired by Celebrities)

Ed Sheeran is pretty great when it comes to anything, be it music or other forms of art like the tattoo.

1. Ed Sheeran's Colorful Sleeve

We can clearly tell that the lady is a fanatic for flowers with amazing job shading. The best part is that the difference between flowers is quite vivid.

2. The One with Flowers

These sleeves are a mix of a lot but one thing is for sure that the inspiration comes from Asia. The dragon, the tiger, the snake

3.Why 1 When You Can Have 2 Sleeves

The lion looks up showing the power of vision plus the clock on the wrist shows the person values time.

4. Leader with Vision and Punctuality

That roaring tiger shows that the person is a leader and wouldn’t mind accepting a challenge if needed.

5. Fierce Animal Lover with Mandala

Now, this is what we call a sleeve that has been assembled using different elements. 

6. Lion, Flower and Skull, a Combination

We can all agree that this is a pet lover to its fullest. Different elements of this tattoo make up for the sleeve especially with the flowers

7. Pet Lovers 3D Tattoo

To begin with, the dragon with sakura blossoms and the color selection is perfectly popping on the skin.

8. As Japanese As it Gets

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