Simple Bunny and Egg Nail Designs

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Easter bunny for two fingers on each hand. For the other finger nails do normal polka dots

Polka Dots And Easter Bunny

Egg hatched chicken is a much known symbol for the Easter. To add more glam and gloss, use some good quality glitter on to some nails.

Polka Dots And Chicken

French tips with Easter pattern can be something new for you. Start off with a normal French tip nail design. 

Easter Nails with French

Use some Aztec looking patterns on to the nails over a base paint of contrasting colour. Use different colours 

Aztec Pattern Easter

Beautiful Easter nail art pattern like the one above. Try out some freehand painting for the bunny, egg, flowers

Hand Easter Nails

Create with some colourful dots. You can create a egg hatched chicken for one finger and keep the other fingers

Easy Easter Nails

Some Easter eggs can be quite a nail art for the Easter time. It is not much complex to draw either.

Free Hand And Fimo Easter

Use some freehand drawing tools. Create a fluffy looking bunny and a yellow chicken in a basket

Bunny and Chicken

Polka dots and bunny head Easter nail. This is easy to recreate. Use a dotting tool and a nail art brush

Dots Easter Nails

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