Sienna Miller Anatomy of a Scandal

Seen in the upcoming Netflix drama Anatomy of a Scandal with Rupert Friend, Sienna Miller says her own experience, notably being a media target in the 2000s, made her hesitant to sign on.

In an interview with Yahoo Canada, Miller said she was wary of returning to a familiar scenario of the probing press and the anxiety that comes with revealing a very personal narrative.

To refresh your memory, Miller's personal life was widely publicized almost two decades ago, when her engagement to actor Jude Law ended due to his infidelity with his children's nanny.

Miller settled with The Sun last year after suing the tabloid, accusing the publisher of hacking her phone to expose her pregnancy.

Following a romance with Olivia, a young political researcher in his department, Sophie Whitehouse becomes engaged in a public scandal.

Sophie, grieving the loss of a secure marriage and prioritizing her two children, is dealing with her own reaction to the major political scandal engulfing the media.

“I wondered why I wanted to do it,” Miller admitted. “But Sophie was such a character, so unlike me.”

“I'd never played someone who could hide their emotions so well, and it seemed like a challenge.”

While many would anticipate an affluent woman like Sophie to divorce her spouse, she does not.

Her relationship with James is tight to say the least, but they attempt to be joyful in front of their kids, and she sits in the courtroom throughout the six-part series.

All the inquiries and details concerning her husband's claimed actions. Finally, still publicly supporting him.

“Some people are outraged at her for supporting and forgiving him so quickly, but she's invested her entire existence into developing this family and supporting this man,” Miller said.

“That's her identity and she's never questioned it; that's what she's devoted to.” She goes on.

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