Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Wine

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Excessive wine consumption, especially on a regular basis, may contribute to weight gain.

1. Weight gain

People often mistakenly believe that drinking at night will help them sleep.

2. Possible fatigue

While moderate wine consumption is generally safe, excessive wine consumption can cause health issues like inflammation.

3. Inflammation

Finally, dietitians warn that excessive wine consumption can cause disease.

4. An increased risk
of disease

Wine often makes people drowsy. Because alcohol is not digested, it passes directly into the bloodstream through the stomach lining and small intestine wall.

5. Sleep Deficiency

A 5 oz. glass of dry wine has about 100 cals. A 12 ounce wine cooler has around 180 calories. But fortified and dessert wines with distilled spirits have even more.

6. Obesity

Excessive alcohol consumption can lower testosterone levels, slow sperm motility, and cause erectile dysfunction. Men and women trying to conceive should reduce or stop drinking alcohol.

7. Fertility

It can exacerbate pancreatitis symptoms. For over a century, scientists have known that alcohol causes pancreatitis, but they haven't known why some alcoholics get it and others don't.

8. Pancreatitis

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