SI Swimsuit model Katrina Scott on becoming pregnant after several miscarriages: ‘It’s not too late’


Katrina Scott made history in the days leading up to Mother’s Day as the first visibly pregnant woman to appear in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

The rookie of the year for2021 & co-founder of the fitness app Tone ItUp posed for the magazine while rocking a white swimsuit with her baby bump on full display.The 38-year-old, who is already a mom

to a 3-year-old daughter named Isabella with husband Brian,shared her second pregnancy after experiencing fertility struggles & two miscarriages.The star recently became an ambassador to Baby Quest

or individuals looking to build a family through advanced fertility treatments.Scott spoke to Fox News Digital about coping with loss, how Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cheered her on along the way

Katrina Scott: I think pregnancy after loss is so different. The first experience was very blissful. We told everyone right away. But [the second time around], I didn’t live in a place

yet where I was like,"We’re pregnant." I said,"If this works out."I think that was probably a protection mechanism…You wait a long time to share.It took me maybe 15 to 17 weeks after a lot of tests

for me to start documenting our pregnancy and taking pictures. On my phone, I have so many reminders of past pregnancies that we lost. And I think I was avoiding all of that.

I was excited, but I also kept telling myself, "If this works out, that’s really great. If it doesn’t, we’ll try again." You don’t want to get too attached. You don’t want to get too excited.

During our first pregnancy, we had a gender reveal party, we told our parents and all of our friends. We did that with the second and third pregnancies. But the second and third pregnancies.

So we tried not to make a big deal initially. So it does rob you of that blissful joy. You’re just cautiously making your way through every week.

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