Dragons have been popular tattoos for men for decades as they represent strength, power, and wisdom.

1. Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

An eagle tattoo can be a skull, weapon, or tribal design for certain males.

2. Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder blade tattoos are one of the more unique places.

3. Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are popular among black men. Because these tattoos indicate strength.

4. Shoulder Tattoo for Black Men

The thick, curved lines ‘move' with your body, making them excellent for a shoulder tattoo.

5. Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Smaller tattoos require less time to apply, and getting inked on your shoulder is one of the least painful options.

6. Small Shoulder Tattoo

A religious tattoo on your shoulder indicates that your faith keeps you strong and is the foundation of your life.

7. Religious Shoulder Tattoo

It helps form the tattoo around your muscles so it doesn't warp or seem static on your skin.

8. Celtic Shoulder Tattoo

Maori tattooing is called ta moko and originally involved applying ink with chisels, rather than needles.

9. Maori Shoulder Tattoo

Because tattooing the shoulder blade is more painful than tattooing the bicep, some men opt for smaller tattoos here.

10. Small Shoulder Blade Tattoo

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