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secret effects of eating almonds

Almonds Should Be Boring. With All Of Their Hidden Benefits, Almonds Are A Must-Have. Even If They Are Tasty And High In Healthy Fat, Almonds Have Several Health Benefits.


"Almonds Are A Powerhouse Of Nutrition," Smithson Says. "Of All Tree Nuts, Almonds Have The Most Fibre, Vitamin E, And Riboflavin, And Are High In Magnesium.

1. Protein And Fibre Rich


"Eat Two Servings Of Almonds Per Day To Decrease Wrinkles And Skin Discoloration," Advises Smithson.

2. Great For Your Skin


The Findings Underline The Need To Look At Almonds As A Whole Food With Various Nutrient Components That Function Synergistically, Rather Than Oversimplifying Benefits To Single Elements.


In A 12-Week Trial Of Healthy Overweight And Obese Individuals, Those Who Ate Almonds Daily Lost Weight Similarly To Those Who Did Not.

3. Decrease Belly Fat


Body Fat Loss Reduces The Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome, Which Includes Excessive Blood Sugar And Abnormal Cholesterol, As Well As Heart Disease And Diabetes.


An Analysis Of 18 Trials Found That Eating Almonds Lowers Total, LDL, And Triglyceride Levels Without Changing HDL Levels.

4. Great For Your Heart


Choosing Almonds As A Snack Over A High-Carbohydrate Snack May Benefit Your Body's "Good" HDL Cholesterol, According To Another Penn State Study Published In The Journal Of Nutrition.


Almonds Contain A Lot Of Calories, However They Are Not Digested. UC Davis Research Shows Almonds Have Fewer Calories Than You Think.

5. Save On Calories


Used An Innovative Approach To Assess The Calorie Content Of Almonds. Unroasted Almonds Contain 25% Less Calories Than Roasted Almonds, And Chopped Roasted Almonds Have 17% Fewer Calories.


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