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If your face is round, a short bob will complement your jawline. Emma Corrin looks stunning in a sleek, center-parted bob that accentuates her beautiful blue eyes.

Short Bob

Elizabeth Olsen usually wears her bronde hair long, and we love this particular hairstyle. Her layers and feathered bangs frame her face and highlight her cheekbones.

Long Layers with a Fringe

If you don't think you can pull off a classic bob, a shoulder-length version may be more flattering. With blunt ends and a pushed-back part, you have a timeless, feminine style.

Long Bob

If our hairstyles teach you anything, it's that layers are essential for a round face. They accentuate an angular jawline rather than a rounded one.

Face-framing Layers on a Medium Cut

A couple of inches shorter will add detail to your ends and bring your look down.

Sleek Long Layers

Adding interest to the sides of your hair can give the illusion of angles on a round face, so we recommend bouncy, sweeping curls to draw attention away from your cheeks.

Beautiful Bouncy Curls

It creates a diagonal line across the face, breaking up naturally rounded features. It's mostly science.

Side Fringewith Half-up Hair

With a modern twist on the rock ‘n' roll retro shag. For round faces, intense layers with soft textured ends add interest to the crown and lengthen the face.

Choppy Shag Haircut

Straight across bangs can be too heavy for round faces, as they completely hide the brow. Split bangs (think Brigitte Bardot) add detail without shortening the face.

Waves with a Split Fringe

Instead of parting to one side like Selena, avoid perfectly centred partings. This will add length and break up some of the symmetry.

Sweeping SideFringe with Soft Curls