Really Cute Haircuts for Your Baby Boy

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Here’s a happy chappy pleased with the attention he’s getting for his new haircut!  The short-back-and-sides has a longer top in this hairstyle.

1. Laughing-eyes beneath longer side-swept top

This beautiful boy seems a bit uncertain about spending time in the hair salon, but the cut is extremely flattering to his sweet, little face.

2. Perfect short curls on natural hair


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All spruced up for a special occasion, this white-shirt and blue bow-tie call for something extra-special in the hairstyle department! 

3. Formal cute & fashionable

No wonder this baby looks confused, he thought he was going for a drive in a shiny red car and then a lady attacks him with a buzzy machine!

4. Rally driver cut with ‘go-faster’ stripes

No need for that apprehensive glance up at the barber, your blonde locks look perfectly groomed in this side-swept style.

5. Subtle double stripe on blonde side parting

This baby spider-man fan needs a special super-hero cut to highlight his strong, silent look.

6. Confident look asymmetric quiff

Looking smart in a striped suit, this little cutie is wearing a classic male hairstyle suited for daily wear and perfect for a special occasion.

7. Classic look with neat side parting

The top hair is left longer in a Mohawk cut that’s combed forward and then flipped back into a playful quiff above the forehead.

8. Adorable fashion-fusion quiff

Fresh from a quick tidy up with the baby brush, this little boy would look perfectly groomed if only he’d let dad clean up his runny-nose!

9. Neat lines on blonde informal look

This cute little boy is obviously curious about what’s going on around him as he spends time playing in his car-seat!

10. Short & lively wavy texture on natural hair

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