for Asian Women

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Ravishing Ombre Hairstyles

This is the most stunning shade for Asian ombre hair and rightfully so. Coupled with the right makeup, this hair color gives away gothic vibes that are absolutely ravishing.


Gothic Grey Ombre

Asians typically maintain long brown tresses and this beautiful ombre shade just adds to that appeal.


Brown Ombre on Long Asian Hair

Copper ombre hair is definitely a refreshing take on Asian hairstyles for women. This bold hairstyle is the one that is totally for divas and is one that is worthy.


Voluminous Curls with Copper Ombre

A fan of short hair ombre? We’ve got your ombre options covered. If you love playing with colors, this multidimensional ombre is all you need.


Sleek Straight Bob

Want to keep your hair dark? Then try this Asian ombre shade of purple and silver. The stunning combination is perfect if your hair is a dark black. 


Lavender Purple Haze

Another ombre shade for dark Asian hair is this blue shade. Asian ombre hairdo is a widespread area with several color combinations catering to any shade.


Two Buns and Blue Ombre

Styling your hair in waves is the trending option in the hair industry. This one is yet another variation of the grey ombre for Asian women, 


Super Grey Ombre

What is hair color without a little fun? This bright neon purple ombre is the perfect shade to unleash the playful side with your tresses.


Purple Neon Hair

Love bobs? Add extra flair to your bob by styling it with bright ombre shades. How about hot pink? When it comes to hair, what is it without a little experimenting?


Hot Pink Bob

A color that is typically common among brunettes, this Asian hair ombre style features textured curls along a layered short hair. Want to keep things simple and elegant?.


Brunette Balayage Ombre

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