Proven Ways to Reverse Your Hair Loss

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–Keep your weight near ideal levels, exercise regularly, avoid the sun, and importantly reduce the stress in your life

Hair Quantity And Quality

According to WebMD, some women take spironolactone to treat hair loss, but it's not recommended for everyone.


Dr. Willams explains, "Cimetidine or Tagamet belongs to a class of H2 blockers used to treat gastrointestinal ulcers. 


"Also known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and commonly prescribed at menopause, 


"Oral contraceptives can be used to treat hair loss in women," Dr. Williams states.

Oral Contraceptives

Dr. Williams shares, "Available as a topical treatment by prescription, Nizoral or its generic form Ketoconazole.


Dr. Williams shares, "Finasteride is the generic name for Propecia/Proscar. This medication was originally made to treat prostate disease.


Dr. Williams says, "Hair loss can be a very emotionally difficult event because hair has an important psychological importance in our society.

Men's Hair Loss Causes

Dr. Williams explains, "For many women their hair is a defining physical attribute that defines character and personality.

Women's Hair Loss Causes

5 Ways To "Regrow" Your Hair Loss