Pretty and Delicate Floral Nail Designs

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To get the appearance, use a toothpick or dotting tool dipped in the desired colors.

Negative Space Blooms

Nude, natural-looking nails may also make a statement, especially when paired with a few flowers.

Nude Blooms

This bordered nail style adds a delicate splash of color to your manicure without completely covering the nail.

Pretty in Poppies

We adore this look since it is very straightforward. All you need is a toothpick and bottles of white and mustard yellow polish to bring it to life.

Dainty Daisies

These lifelike poppies need a bit more skill than the previous nail art we've discussed, so they might not be the greatest DIY project for you.

Picturesque Poppies

Yellow and white nail art has a happy vibe to it. Part of the cheerful aspect in this situation stems from how simple the design is to construct.

Sunny Florals

Are you looking for an eye-catching nail art design that makes advantage of negative space? You'll drool over this dark and light blue manicure.

Beautiful in Blue

With their exquisite line work and ombré stained glass backdrop, these beautiful blossoms are a wonderful piece of art.

Flower Power

Here's another negative-space style that lets the vibrant blossoms show. While we adore the blue and purple here, you may use whatever color scheme you choose.

Dark Blue Beauts

Hello, we're crazy with these turquoise blue gemstone blossoms. Glue little blue gemstones in clusters on your nails to achieve the appearance.

Gemstone Blooms

Stems are technically part of the flower family, so whether you're a plant mom or prefer the aesthetic of simple green sprigs, this pale pink mani is for you.

Plant Mom Nails

This negative space mani incorporates ultra-fine lines and bright splashes of color to create a striking manicure style that is sure to turn heads.

Half-Moon Florals

Simply dot your nails where you want your flowers to go, then surround each dot with yellow petals.

Stunning Sunflowers

Begin by painting your nails a shade of blue of your choice. Next, use a toothpick to create creative blossoms by layering pink and white dots around the base of your nail.

Pastel Petals

While this one was done using polish, the lovely thing about these nail art designs is that if you have a little garden.

Teeny Details

These negative space flowery nails take the sunny flower up a level for a style that appears straight out of the garden.

Detailed Sunflowers

This simple negative space nail art has a basic green vine with an elaborate butterfly that may be tough to recreate.

Butterflies and Vines

Choose your favorite red, green, blue, and white polishes and create your blossoms using a toothpick.

Stray Petals

They're simple to replicate if you have an ultra-fine dotting tool or a toothpick, as well as two somewhat darker red polishes.

Poppy Polka Dots