Pixie Hairstyles from Classic to Edgy


Chic pixie haircut with long bangs

Instead of shaving off all of your hair, go for a long pixie like the one seen above. For enhanced comfort, this short cut leaves hair around the face.

Layered short blonde pixie cut for summer

The pixie cut seen above is ideal for thick-haired women. The neck and sides are textured, yet the top is voluminous.

Layered longer pixie haircut for women over 30

It's easy to style a longer pixie cut with voluminous, piece-y hair as seen above. Adding volume by blowing out your strands is easy!

Chic Blonde pixie haircut

The piece-y pixie cut style is perfect for thinner hair that yet needs volume. One of the most annoying aspects of a pixie cut with thin hair is that it goes limp.

Short pixie hairstyles for women

Begin the day by securing your cut with gel or wax. To prevent appearing like you're wearing a hair helmet, tease a few strands away from your head.

Cute Asian girls short pixie hairstyle for fine hair

This long, drapey pixie cut looks great on thin hair. It enables your hair to fall freely without teasing or stress.

Cool short haircut for women with thick hair

When wearing a pixie cut, always add volume to the crown of your head. Otherwise, your hair may seem greasy or flat.

Pixie haircut with bangs for black hair

Texturization is crucial with pixie cuts. If you choose for a pixie, ask your stylist to texturize it as much as possible.

Long pixie haircut for women with oval, round faces

A fresh pixie cut is difficult to comb and separate. First, try combing it forward without separating it.

Messy pixie haircut with long bangs

When getting a pixie cut, many women choose lengthier bangs. This option allows you to style your bangs in a number of ways to add interest to your cut.

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