Pastel nail designs that are stylish

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All about lilac

Pastel perfection if ever we saw it.

Creamy swirls

This psychedelic motif has been making a comeback in the fashion world, so it's only natural that it would make an appearance on our nails.

Blue half moons

The greatest way to spice up a nude nail? Toss in a smidgen of sky blue.

Coffin Ombre

Acrylic coffins in a sweet ombre pattern. Yes please.

'60s wall flower

I'm 99.9 percent sure my nan had a duvet cover with these colours and this design, but how cute does it look on the nails.

Soft and simple

We realize it might be hard to adapt to colour if you're used to nudes, but this negative space pastel design is a perfect beginning block.

Purple glitter

Our new favorite color combination is glitter and lavender.

Blush hues

Blush-tinted tips are officially here to stay.

Lavender lemonade

This lilac-yellow nail style is positively uplifting.

The reverse french mani

Tip the French manicure upside down and create a lovely elegant aesthetic.

Seeing Stripes

Mint green and peach is giving us all the Springtime feelings.

Baby blues

Nail art in shades of sky blue is a must-have for the next season.