Over 50? Never Make These Health Mistakes

Not Having Hobbies

Activity has many benefits, including mental health benefits, cardiovascular benefits and preventing the development of heart disease, muscle stimulation and prevention of atrophy.

Avoiding Medical Checkups

It's important to stay on top of medical screenings when you turn 50 for prostate, breast and colon cancer, but for other things too, 

Skipping Medications

Some people may regularly forget to take their daily prescription, leading to an increased risk of developing a severe form of the underlying medical condition.

Not Quitting Smoking

 "Smoking reduces your metabolic rate, decreasing energy release in your body. This impacts your immune system, making you vulnerable to several health conditions."

Ignoring Toxic Overload

"The largest organ of the body is our skin, which will reveal your real age before you do.

Having Silver Fillings

Trinagel explains, "If you have silver dental fillings in your teeth you could be suffering from mercury poisoning.

Thinking You're Too Old

"We live in an ageist society. There is a false narrative that at a certain age you have to stop exploring or trying new things,

Using Processed Oils

When cooking, Arika Hoscheit, a registered dietitian nutritionist with Paloma Health, says to pay attention to the items in your kitchen.

Eating Processed Meats

According to Hoscheit,Processed meats like hot dogs, bacon,sausage, bologna and salami are high in saturated fats and sodium,and usually contain nitrites or never eat

Not Eating Enough Fiber

"Inadequate fiber is associated with a gut that doesn't function to its fullest potential, which may lead to a reduced immunity and more infections.

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